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Child Care Center Director


Deciding to do this fundraiser was at first one of reluctance. As a small business in childcare it helps to have some money come in for those unexpected events. I haven't done a fundraiser in years because I hate to bother the parents of my children with those things. A mother myself, I know that once your child enters school you are asked constantly to do fundraisers. The majority of the fundraisers that are out there offer minimal things for the cost of the consumer.

When I first heard that a gentleman came in trying to have us sell sheets I thought it was quite silly to be honest. However, once I sat down with him and saw the product for myself, and the quality it had to offer at such a good price for the consumer and the percentage profit we would receive from it I thought it was worth a try.

I was pleasantly surprised at the response we received from the few families I had helping out. I didn't feel like I had to push the product because the product speaks for itself. I had Don give me a sample for people to feel the difference and the quality for themselves. Once they felt the sheets themselves they could tell others they knew they were worthwhile. The price alone compared to what one would spend in a store was a great deal.

Even though I originally did not want to bother my clients with a fundraiser I felt that this one was a win-win situation. They received a great product at a even better price and we received a nice profit from it. I would highly recommend you give this fundraiser a shot. I think you will be pleasantly surprised like I was.

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