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We have created a fundraiser based on a product that EVERYBODY NEEDS!
It's SIMPLE! Every group that does our fundraiser makes MORE MONEY than they've ever made before.

Stop wasting your time with...

- Cookie Dough
- Magazines
- Chocolates
- Candy
   Start selling what everybody NEEDS!

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 Huge Profits

Our pricing allows your group to make a huge profit on every sale. Use our "profits calculator" on the next page to see just how much money your group can earn.

 Household Item

Every person you know has at least one of these in their home. It is so useful and desirable that many of your friends and family will gladly purchase more, especially if it helps your cause.

 Easy to Sell

It is easy to sell a product that everyone needs and uses on a daily basis.

 Proven Results

Read our Testimonials to see just what we can do for your group.

And...Best of all......

There are absolutely NO UPFRONT COSTS!!!! We supply you with everything you need for a sucessful fundraiser. All you need is the desire to raise LOTS of money for your group.

a Profitable Fundraiser!

Ever feel like you just did a lot of really hard work and didn't get as much out of it as you should have?

Those days are over! At iEnjoy Fundraising, our mission is to make your next fundraiser a profitable success. Click on any of the "Learn More" buttons to access a unique and profitable fundraiser like nothing you have seen before.

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Check out some testimonials of schools, churches and other organizations that are using our platform for fundraising.

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